JC Singles – Where you’ll always find a friend.

If you are single, whether by death or design, come see what we’re all about.  We have recently formed our group and are looking for folks who are looking for friends now that they are on their own.

We offer short meetings once a month, a full-fledged dance each month, house parties, pot-lucks, and card parties.  We are seeking like-minded adults (no children, please) who want to begin a social life and want to do so in a friendly, non-threatening environment.

Our group, although newly formed, has teamed with Franklin County Singles to offer various activities such as float trips, hog roasts, and dances away from home.

You may find your own true love or you may just have a good time while making friends who enjoy some of the same activities you enjoy – without the stigma of being a 5th wheel.

JC Singles is not affiliated with any church or political association and is open to anyone who is single.

Come out and join us. For more information contact  John @ 573-301-4888 or Denna@694-8596